Paragon Management Group's approach to managing Home Owners Associations reflects our objective to achieve harmony between the homeowners, servicing the board of directors, and protecting the overall values of the individual units and the overall building. We do this by providing all services envisioned by the associations governing documents consistent with sound fiscal policy and establishing a preventative maintenance program. Furthermore we seek to keep an open line of communications between the board of directors and the homeowners.

Our wide range of services include:


We specialize in understanding the unique needs of commercial condominiums mixed-use communities. We appreciate the nuances of each type of property and manage their diverse factors with our experience in residential, office and retail as well as medical and industrial.

A commercial condominium is similar to a residential condominium in that the common areas are shared in common with ownership.
The difference is that the association members are business people whose primary goals are the pursuit of their own business interests and are interested in the affairs of the association primarily as the relate to the stability of their investment.
Our goal is to alleviate the Board of Directors of the burden of devoting a substantial amount of time attending to the affairs of the association which allows them to focus on their business.


  1. Assist the clients with the competitive bidding process for non-emergency services. Provide input in the selection of contractors and in developing contract specifications.
  2. Obtain from each contractor, relevant certificates of insurance including workers compensation and general liability insurance.
  3. Direct contractors providing recurring services and monitor specific contractor performance to ensure substantial compliance with contract specifications.
  4. Perform regular site inspections to maintain a satisfactory knowledge of the condition of the property and performance of the client;s contractors.
  5. Receive services requests for repairs of maintenance on property and report trends in service request to client.
  6. Arrange for prompt and satisfactory response to emergency service requests.
  7. Advise client of major problems or trends in maintenance service requests as they occur.
  8. Handle all problems which may arise on a responsive individual basis. Our regular office hours are 9 AM - 5 PM Monday through Friday. We also provide a 24/7 receptionist for emergencies and non emergencies. (Toll Free: 800.284.4817)


  1. Assist the client in the development and preparation of the Annual Operating Budget
  2. Prepare a mailing to the owners of the approved budget in accordance with California Civil Code.
  3. Prepare and submit a year-to-date budgeted versus actual income and expense analysis on a monthly basis.
  4. Prepare and maintain books and records necessary to produce financial statements in accordance with generally accepted accounting practices.
  5. Prepare and submit a monthly financial summary of all receipts and disbursements.
  6. Receive, review and approve vendor invoices and other bills. Prepare checks for payment and subsequent mailing.
  7. Collect all assessments as they become due and payable. Deposit all cash receipts in client's bank accounts maintained at an FDIC insured banking institutions.
  8. Maintain a record of homeowner's dues and receipts. Provide a monthly delinquency listings. Send monthly arrears notices as well as notices of default and record liens against delinquent homeowners.
  9. Prepare and mail out monthly dues statements to all members.


  1. Receive and investigate significant complaints regarding rule violation, and report all such violations to Client for appropriate follow up.
  2. Assist and advise the Client in the preparation of general correspondence between residents, owners, contractors, etc. Maintain a file of all Client correspondence received or issued.
  3. Assist the Client in procurement of insurance coverage, as well as the processing of insurance claims.
  4. Assist the Client in coordinating general membership meetings including the Annual Meeting
  5. When requested by Client, we will attend and provide input for any Board and/or operating committee meeting.
  6. Prepare and mail secret ballots for voting elections and special assessment in accordance to the Civil Code laws, bylaws and the associations adoption election rules.
  7. Provide information to CPA for year-end tax filings, annual review or Audit.
  8. Assist client in establishing reserves and procuring a reserve study.
  9. Prepare and mail out annual disclosures to owners in accordance to the Civil Code laws.
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